You could be among the top 15 in the world to review OnePlus 7 Pro: here's how to get involved

Every time OnePlus is about to launch a new device, we know with certainty that The Lab will arrive, the contest that the Chinese company has created to allow a small number of users to review the new product in preview. This is the year of OnePlus 7 Pro, which the producer will distribute to 15 selected reviewers among all those who will participate in the contest. Taking part is very simple: just visit the dedicated page on the official website, fill out the form with your data, attach one of the best photos taken with the current device you own and write a brief review of your smartphone. There is time until May 3rd at 8 pm. Selected reviewers will be announced on May 9th, moderators of the various sections of the OnePlus forum will also participate in the selection procedures. The terms and conditions of the OnePlus contest are as follows: We accept content in all languages with a preference for English. Once the device has been received, a detailed, constructive, impartial and sincere review must be published on our forum. The purpose of the review is to help other users better understand the device. OnePlus expects the involvement of reviewers with the community by responding to comments and questions. You agree to perform all the requests within the established deadlines and in an honest manner: otherwise you will have to return the device in the condition in which it was received. You agree to grant OnePlus the right to reuse and publish any production materials (videos, images, articles, etc.) generated and sent during the review period. OnePlus reserves all rights to this event. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the official OnePlus policies or positions. For more information, we suggest you consult the dedicated section on the official OnePlus website.

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