Yes, it looks like Nubia Red Magic 3 will have a fan in it!

The technical specifications of Red Magic 3, the next gaming smartphone from the Chinese company Nubia, should reach very high levels. Among these, a decidedly interesting element has emerged, namely a cooling fan. Well, this should be (almost) confirmed. To confirm it would be Roland Quandt (@rquandt), which also adds another very interesting element: the screen can reach 90 Hz. This is not a record (some have done better), but it is interesting to note that the settings also allow you to set the fps value dynamically, so that the system adapts to the requests. In short, an active fan (which you can "hear when it is active") and a high-frequency screen, for a smartphone that should be presented in China on April 28th and arrive in the world in May. You are ready? Here's a screenshot from the (Nubia) Red Magic "3". Two things to note: 1) 90Hz screen. 2) There really is a real fan rotating on the device, which you can hear once turned on. Will indeed launch on April 28 in China, available at some time in May, I hear. – Roland Quandt (@rquandt) April 23, 2019

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