Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi 9, Mi 9 SE, Mi 9 Lite, Mi 9T Pro, Mi MIX 2 & 2S, Mi Note 3, Redmi 5 / 5A and 6 / 6A receive stable MIUI 11 (updated)

The distribution of the new MIUI 11 by Xiaomi continues unabated, although it is not exactly the same for all the models that are receiving it these days.
Only a select few can also boast the new Android 10, while others must be satisfied with the previous version of the green robot.
The emblem of this differentiation is the two smartphones that are being updated at this time, even in Italy.
We refer to Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi Note 3, of which we received reports in the official Facebook group of SmartWorld (sign up, if you have not yet done so).
The two smartphones, in fact, have finally updated to MIUI 11 stable even in our country, through the classic OTAs.
For the top of the range Mi 9, the new firmware is based on the latest version of Android, while Mi Note 3 is still at Pie.
The MIUI however is a profound personalization of the system, therefore the major novelties are shared by the two smartphones, despite the different version of basic Android.
Has your Mi 9 or Mi Note 3 already been regularly updated to MIUI 11? Or what other model are you still waiting for? We thank Joseph and Nicola for the reports Update 05/11/2019 Always from our Facebook group (subscribe!) We receive reports regarding the arrival of MIUI 11 on Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S and on Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite.
In the comments below the article various users report instead the arrival of MIUI 11 also on Xiaomi Mi MIX 2.
Another user on the Facebook group tells us then that the update has also arrived on Xiaomi Mi 8! Finally, on the Facebook page we were informed that Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro also received MIUI 11.
Thank you all for the numerous reports! Update 17:55 From our Facebook group (sign up!) We get the signal that the stable version of MIUI 11 has also arrived on Xiaomi Mi 9 SE.
As well as on the Mi Note 3 though, the Android version remains at 9.0.
Thanks to Simone for reporting! Update 08/11/2019 The MIUI 11 is in global rollout also on Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A (via).
Below are some screenshots as proof of the update.
Update 11/13/2019 Added to the already extensive list Redmi 5 ( and Redmi 5A (, which now receive the MIUI 11 Global, weighing respectively 458 and 476 MB.
Following are some screenshots.

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