Wind is preparing to double the cost of arrears for mobile network offers

Get ready and check your SMS.
If you are a Wind customer, there may be a bad surprise: the expected delinquency costs when the credit is insufficient to renew your offer will be doubled.
Until now, 99 euro cents were paid for two days (11:59 pm the following day).
Starting from December 2, the same amount will be enough to cover a single day, and will be renewed at the same price the next day, for a maximum of 2 days at a price of 1.98 euros.
At the end of the two days, if the credit is still insufficient, the SIM will remain active on receipt or to make emergency calls.
Each customer, if he receives the message attached below, can withdraw without penalties by December 31, 2019.
Text SMS “Starting December 2, 2019, due to market needs, whenever the credit is insufficient for the activation and renewal of the active options on the SIM, with the exception of the costs related to roaming offers, the included traffic will not be blocked, to ensure continuity of the service, and will be made available for a 1 calendar day (until 11.59pm) at the cost of 0.99 euros.
Should the credit not be sufficient the next day, the included traffic will be available again for a further 2 days at a cost of € 0.99 […] ".

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