When does your credit expire from Google Opinion Rewards? Deadline notifications (photo)

Google Opinion Rewards is the app of BigG that pays in real credit Google Play the commitment that users put in responding to surveys of various kinds proposed by Google itself.
Recently the validity of the credit was set at one year starting from the date of acquisition.
Therefore, some users may find themselves expired the credit obtained through Opinion Rewards from one day to the next: actually it is not easy to remember when it was acquired and consequently you can easily forget its expiry.
Also on Reddit there is no lack of reports in this sense, and Google seems to have taken them into consideration.
The first image in the gallery shows a warning in the Opinion Rewards home warning of the possibility of seeing its amount cancel in a short time.
The notice refers to a Google support page, available at this address, where it is clearly stated that Google is working to implement Google Play credit expiration notices, to urge users to spend it before it's too late.
Currently you can check when your Google Play credit expires through the Payment Methods section of the Play Store (as shown by the last image in the gallery).

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