What would you call the 5G variant of a smartphone? If Samsung asks too (photo)

The 5G is starting to expand into the smartphone world.
It does not do it in an overbearing way, presenting itself as the main connection method for new models, but rather it does so with tranquility as an alternative variant for the top of the range of this 2019.
But with the advancement of this technology, what will be the best way to identify these variants? Samsung has also asked for it, so much so that it has turned the matter over to its users via SmartLab Plus, its app dedicated to surveys.
As you can see from the gallery, the question does not explicitly concern the 5G model, but the answers give us a clue.
To the question "what is the easiest name to remember?" The available answers are: Samsung Galaxy S10 Pro Samsung Galaxy S10 Performance Edition Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy S10 Pro Edition Samsung Galaxy S10 Speed Edition Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Just these possibilities would seem to indicate how Samsung wants to find an alternative way to indicate the variants with 5G connectivity.
In reality these are assumptions and it is possible that in the end we will not go to change the official nomenclature to indicate the variants compatible with 5G.
Personally, we believe that if the peculiarity of a variant is compatibility with these networks the suffix "5G" is the clearest of all.
And you, what do you think?

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