Unrecognizable Apex Launcher: offers users intrusive ads to install their browser (photo)

Apex Launcher in the past was one of the third-party launchers most appreciated by Android users but in the last few months it has lost much of its appeal, committing some serious errors towards its users.
The most recent of this series has been reported on Reddit and concerns the proposition of suspicious advertisements: the image in the gallery shows the launcher proposing an announcement that pushes the user to install Privacy Browser, a web browser on the Play Store is developed by the same team that owns Apex Launcher.
The invasiveness of the ad is such that it is proposed just when you are about to open a web page with your default browser.
The above is confirmed by the numerous negative reviews on the browser on the relevant page of the Play Store, where different users assimilate the practice to a form of spam.
Let us know if you too have encountered the same problems.

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