TIM also initiates reimbursement procedures for anomalous paid service activations

After Wind, TIM is also starting the automatic reimbursement procedures for customers who have seen themselves activating premium-rate services (in technical jargon, VAS) without there being any request.
Both companies have communicated that the responsibility for these events would be attributable to a third company (not appointed) that will undergo further checks to prevent the occurrence of the circumstances – original statement available below.
In the specific case of TIM, the activity mainly concerned non-human SIM data, present on boilers, alarms, etc.
– however, we remind you that there are procedures to block any premium service on your telephone line.
TIM Communication “In relation to certain phenomena of unsolicited activation of premium services on SIMs placed in devices unsuitable for their use (such as alarms, boilers, etc.), TIM – not involved in such events – immediately initiated the necessary investigations for the own protection, also in order to identify the causes and responsibilities.
We are consequently providing for the reimbursement of all the charges wrongly made on the SIMs involved.
Further technical precautionary measures are being adopted to prevent the repetition of these phenomena "

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