There is an app that allows you to view all of the private profiles on Instagram: it will have a short life (photo)

Instagram has now become one of the most used and widespread social media in recent years and like any self-respecting social network offers the possibility for its users to keep private profiles, that is, visible only to users in their circle of friends or approved.
The Ghosty app, present on the Play Store by several and boasting half a million downloads, tries to offer a "remedy" to people's desire for privacy, offering itself as a questionable alternative for the curious.
The app indeed promises to display the private profiles of users without the approval of the users themselves.
Its operation is simple: just provide the credentials of your Instagram account to Ghosty, invite a person to do the same and you're done.
Once the initial procedure has been completed, it will be possible to view and download the contents of the private profile that you wanted to spy on.
The app clearly violates Instagram's terms of service: the profiles that provide access to Ghosty serve as a basis for opening private profiles that need to be spied on.
Following the Android Police article on the subject, Instagram has not been slow to provide a statement on the matter: the company has formally requested the cessation of all activities to the developer of Ghosty, and is also evaluating other actions.
Currently, the app is still available on the Play Store.
We will keep you updated on further developments.

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