There are three teams working on the design of the next Pixels, Google burned by the big Pixel 3 XL notch?

Google would have been burned by the very critical reception given to the design of its latest Pixels 3 and in particular by the appreciation of the size of the larger model, Pixel 3 XL. In fact, we have also expressed similar comments when we discovered the look of the new googlefonini, but it would have been difficult to expect more given the trend of the rest of the market, not to mention the really attractive proposals from some Chinese producers. In short, even in Mountain View it must be noticed that if sales were not in line with expectations, something that was not even in aesthetics had to be there. Who knows if this was really the case, in any case according to what Max J. reports, leaker usually active on the Samsung side, BigG would have organized three teams dedicated to the design of the next Pixels (and maybe also of other products "made by Google") who work separately from one another. Everyone will produce the results of their work and then only the best will be chosen. Will it be sufficient to guarantee phones that are more attractive and in line with current trends? Or can we also expect some non-derivative innovation? Who knows. But perhaps, as one user pointed out in comments on Twitter, it could also be enough to just delete the notch to keep users happy.

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