The smartphone market is practically at a standstill, but there is a company that is growing out of all proportion

IDC has just released data on global smartphone shipments in the third quarter of 2019.
Comparing shipments of Q3 2019 with those of last year we find an increase of 0.8%, for a total of 358.3 million smartphones shipped.
This is a decidedly marginal growth, but in contrast with the previous 7 quarters, all in decline.
An 8.1% increase was recorded compared to the previous quarter.
Growth is all driven by developing markets, such as India.
Many Chinese brands, then, sent a lot of orders to local sellers mainly for Single Day (11 November) and Black Friday.
The most interesting data concerns the brands: for the first time, the first 5 OEMs are responsible for more than 70% of total shipments.
In short, a thriving and variegated market like the one of the past few years is becoming all in the hands of 5 companies: Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi and OPPO.
But not all of these companies are doing well in the same way: Apple and Xiaomi are at a loss (-0.6% for the first, -3.3% for the second), while the other three are growing, with a record from Huawei : + 28.2%! Samsung and OPPO, on the other hand, grew but to a slightly lesser extent: 8.3% the first, 4.1% the second.
Company 3Q19 Expeditions 3Q19 Market Share 3Q18 Expeditions 3Q18 Market Share Change Year-on-Year 1.
Samsung 78.2 21.8% 72.2 20.3% 8.3% 2.
Huawei 66.6 18.6% 52, 0 14.6% 28.2% 3.
Apple 46.6 13.0% 46.9% -0.6% 4.
Xiaomi 32.7 9.1% 33.8 9.,% -3 , 3% 5.
OPPO 31.2 8.7% 30.0 8.4% 4.1% Others 103.0 28.7% 120.7 34.0% -14.7% Total 358.3 100% 355.6 100% 0.8% Shipments in millions

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