The Pixel 4 camera integrates even more Lens features (photo)

Google Lens is a Google application that is very useful in some circumstances, which you may have already known through the camera on the Pixels, given the ever-increasing integration between the two services.
If at first, starting from Pixel 3, the Lens functionalities allowed to recognize more than a billion objects (including pieces of art), analyze restaurant menus, suggest outfits and much more, now with Pixel 4c 'is space for more news.
The new Neural Core present in the latest top of the range made by Google makes it possible to scan entire documents (even turning them into PDF), copy the text in real time, simply framing it and translate from English, Spanish, German, Hindi and Japanese.
Getting these features will be very simple, since the camera will be able to interpret what is in front of it and to make appear any buttons to press.
Below you can see some images.

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