The new YouTube interface during automatic playback (photo)

The YouTube application is constantly changing.
Recently, we have seen the homepage, the comments section change and new specific categories added for the varied tastes of its vast audience (according to Alexa statistics, this is the second most visited site in the world, after Google).
The change we are talking about today is actually marginal, because it focuses on the aesthetics of the interface during the automatic reproduction of new videos at the end of those just displayed – the Autoplay function, which aims to keep us as attached as possible to your smartphone.
Attached below you will find two images, the first depicts the new interface, and the second the old one.
As you can see, less emphasis is given to the preview of the new video, which now covers only one quadrant, and two keys are added to stop or anticipate the start of the new video.
There is still a lot of unused space – the seconds count covers a small space at the top left – who knows if the developers don't already have in mind how to fill it.

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