The municipality of Scanzano Jonico has banned 5G trials to prevent health risks (photo)

In a context in which the technological world is heading towards an important generational change like the one brought about by the advent of 5G, someone opposes asking itself what the health risks are.
The municipality of Scanzano Jonico, through the order issued by the mayor Raffaello Carmelo Lipari, has stopped any kind of testing of 5G networks throughout its territory to prevent any risks to the health of residents.
The risks would lie in the electromagnetic fields generated by the 5G network devices, which would be added to the already existing and operational network infrastructures.
The ordinance justifies the ban with the lack of scientific studies demonstrating the safety of 5G network infrastructure towards human health.
Furthermore, the document calls into question four scientific studies in which the existence of individuals with a particular sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, called electrosensitivity, would have been demonstrated, and that this would cause changes at physiological level in these subjects when they are exposed to certain levels of field intensity.
The order of the mayor of Scanzano Jonico is also based on some judgments and classifications issued by competent bodies on the subject in the last decade, according to which the electrosmog would be a contributing cause in the carcinogenic risk: the latest study carried out by the US National Toxicologic Program would have shown a statistical correlation between the occurrence of a certain type of tumor in rats exposed to an electromagnetic field of intensity equal to 50 V / m.
I took as reference these studies, cited in the same order that you can read in the images in the gallery, and the conclusions disseminated by some competent bodies on the subject, according to the assessments of the municipal council there would be a “possible socio-sanitary and environmental danger deriving from the activation of the 5G networks ": therefore the" experimentation and / or installation of the 5G "was prohibited.

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