The Galaxy S10 is enriched with the features of Note 10: all the news coming (photo)

Samsung has officially announced a new software update of particular relevance for its current top of the range, the Galaxy S10 series, which will receive several features so far seen only on the Galaxy Note 10 range.
The new update will be distributed for Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 + and S10 5G and will introduce innovations that will involve different areas of firmware.
Let's go see them together.
Improvements to the Gallery and connectivity The search for multimedia content through the Gallery app will be considerably improved, the searches will be simpler and more effective.
Below you have a small animated example.
Also the connectivity sector will receive news with the next update: when you are about to stream a content, the most suitable device will be recommended even depending on the content itself.
The feature will be accessible directly from the quick toggle panel.
The hotspot functionality will also be greatly simplified: the pairing between devices connected to the same Samsung account or synchronized with the same family plan will be immediate.
Other improvements will also be implemented for the stability of the Wi-Fi connection.
Camera and augmented reality Other new features will be introduced for the Camera app: the videos will support the integration of objects in augmented reality, for which the S Pen will not be necessary.
As already described in our previous articles, the next update will complete the introduction of the Super Steady stabilization mode and the new night shooting mode.
Video editing with Samsung DeX Finally, several new features will also invest Samsung DeX, the simplified connection mode between Samsung smartphone and PC.
After the next update also with your Galaxy S10 it will be possible to easily edit the videos recorded with the smartphone through a larger monitor and an optimized interface.
For more information on the features described we suggest you consult the link to the source where you will find a couple of videos by way of example of the innovations introduced.
The updates mentioned for the Galaxy S10 series will be distributed within the next few weeks.
We will come back to update you as soon as more accurate timing notes for the rollout in Italy will be.

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