The apps of the future Pixels 4 leak out: you can already download the Recorder, the wallpaper apps and the (updated) launcher

If there is not enough the myriad of images, videos and details on the technical specifications of future Pixels 4, after the camera app it is the turn of other apps leaked by the firmware of the next top-end smartphone signed by Google, of which we have already heard about only yesterday.
In particular, it is the voice recording app, the new Pixel Launcher, the new version of the Google Wallpapers app, whose new name will be Styles & Wallpapers, and Pixel Wallpapers.
The new versions of these apps are destined to debut on new Pixels 4, but later (or contextually?) They will also be made available to other Android users, by means of classic updates via Play Store.
The Recorder app extracted from Pixel 4 should run smoothly on all devices already updated to Android 10, while to make Styles & Wallpapers work you also need to configure the Pixel Themes app with an adb command to issue to make it work properly: adb shell pm grant android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS The new Pixel Launcher instead – which finally introduced the swipe downwards to open the notifications curtain! – it will only work on Pixel smartphones updated to Android 10.
All the apps we have mentioned (including Pixel Themes) are already available for download as an apk, below you will find links to download them.
Google Recorder 0.5.257343194 | APK Mirror | Download Google Wallpapers 10 beta (Styles & Wallpapers) | APK Mirror | Download Pixel Wallpapers 19 10 | APK Mirror | Download Pixel Launcher 10 | APK Mirror | Download Pixel Themes | Android File Host | Download Update 09/28/2019 at 18:40 If you own any Android smartphone updated to at least version 7.0 Nougat, the independent development community has packaged an apk related to the Pixel 4 live wallpaper app.
You can download it below, together to versions for devices with root updated to Android 10.
Download Google Pixel 4 Port Live Wallpapers [64-bit Android 7.0+] Download Google Pixel 4 Only Live Wallpapers + Pixel Theme Magisk Module [Android 10] Download Google Pixel 4 & 3 Live Wallpapers + Pixel Theme Magisk Module [Android 10] Update 10/02/2019 The audio recorder has been updated, and now it can automatically create a transcript of the recorded audio (in the end it is akin to live caption).
He also seems to be able to understand the difference between speech and music, but according to XDA-Developers there are also categories such as applause, animals, laughter, whistling and more.
The audio transcription can then also be shared as a text file with other apps.
Think of the students who do the "scrambling" of the lessons, and how long they could save! And what's even more interesting is that in-app search works.
Searching for some term in the transcription, all the correspondences will be highlighted, with the precise point of the audio in which they were said, just to verify that the transcription is correct.
We are hoping for Italian support for the launch, but we are not too convinced (currently only English, and there are no language options).
You can try this new version of the app by downloading the apk from this link, as you probably won't see it on the Play Store (unless you've already installed it).
In any case, below are some screenshots to prove what was said.
As for the Pixel 4 backgrounds, refer to this thread on XDA where porting is present for all devices with Android 7+ that also work well on previous Pixels, without having to resort to ADB.

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