Spotify's podcast investments bear fruit: overtaking on Apple in much of Europe

In the midst of the on-demand visual and interactive entertainment era, podcasts are surprisingly experiencing their true golden age, with more and more content creators deciding to revive the fascination of radio broadcasts, in contemporary salsa.
Needless to say, Apple has always dominated this field, even though in the last year and a half it is finding itself facing a new fierce rival: Spotify.
The music streaming giant has in fact invested huge sums to improve the podcast section hosted on its platform, enriching it with exclusive and original content and implementing new features appreciated by users.
And all this commitment is bearing fruit, as evidenced by the recent survey conducted by Voxnest worldwide, updated to October 2019.
Since March – that is from the period in which Voxnest began collecting data on the diffusion of podcast services – Spotify has managed to regain ground against Apple, which continues to dominate on a global scale, but which has seen it lose the record in some market.
Among these, several European countries stand out, such as France, Germany, Sweden and Norway.
In others, like Italy, Spain and most of South America, Spotify has increased its advantage.
Apple currently seems focused on other areas, such as Apple TV + and Arcade: will Spotify take advantage of this to get even closer to the great rival?

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