Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e: with TIM Next you can buy them in installments and replace them after 12 months

TIM has launched a new promotion for the purchase in installments of Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e. Starting March 25, 2019, the new Samsung top range will be available through the TIM Next service, which allows the smartphone to be replaced 12 months after purchase with a new model of the same category. The conditions for the purchase in installments are practically identical to those reported above, but in this case the purchase costs are added to other costs related to the TIM Next promotion, such as the obligatory smartphone protection which has a price of € 6.90 per month. The offer for the S10 line is valid until 28 April 2019 and includes the following costs, depending on the model chosen: Samsung Galaxy S10e: 30 installments of € 19 per month, plus advance of € 49 (total price: € 619) Samsung Galaxy S10 (128 GB): 30 installments of € 20 per month, plus € 99 upfront (total price: € 699) Samsung Galaxy S10 (512 GB): 30 installments of € 30 per month, plus advance payment of € 89 ( total price: € 989) Samsung Galaxy S10 + (128 GB): 30 installments of € 25 a month, plus advance of € 89 (total price: € 839) Samsung Galaxy S10 + (512 GB): 30 installments of € 30 a month, more advance of 129 € (total price: 1.029 €) Payment of monthly installments must be made by credit card. Furthermore, in case of early termination of the contract, the balance of the remaining installments plus a charge that varies according to the model purchased is provided. For more information on the purchase by installment of Galaxy S10 with the TIM Next offer, we advise you to contact the operator assistance service or go to one of the authorized centers available throughout the Italian territory.

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