RAZR, the flyer of Motorola, in the first live photos (updated with more photos!)

It is the usual @evleaks that publishes the first live photo of the highly anticipated Motorola RAZR, the first folding of the winged house that will largely resume the lines of the mythical RAZR of 2004.
The official presentation is scheduled for November 13th, but thanks to the well-known leaker we can take a first peek at the device.
As mentioned, the new Motorola RAZR folding takes the shape of its predecessor, even if the same cannot be said of the thickness.
Both on the front, where there seems to be a home button that could also be used to "open the device" and on the end there is an overall thickness that is not strictly contained.
The flexible screen should still fully repay the user by providing a hopefully large enough surface.
However, the smartphone is not a direct competitor to devices such as the Samsung Fold or Huawei's Mate X, as an attempt to revive the RAZR brand by creating a device with a certain visual impact.
On the back there is also the bulge that should hold the camera.
It seems to be a single sensor, but from one image it is difficult to be certain.
To confirm then that it will be called RAZR, @evleaks has posted a small image that shows the logo of the smartphone in question.
Update 10/31/2019 Other sources have published more photos of the new Motorola RAZR, where you can see its shape and also partly its (apparently) small external display.

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