Oblio is a wireless charger that sterilizes the smartphone (photo and video)

At the MWC in Barcelona we got to know Lexon, a French company that develops products with particular attention to design. At the company's stand, in the midst of a large number of devices (mainly wireless speakers and chargers) we were struck by two products in particular: Mino and Oblio. The first is a really small Bluetooth speaker, it supports True Wireless Stereo mode: it is therefore possible to pair two Mino's to have music in stereo. Considering the really small size, the power of the audio is not bad either (3W ml one). Lexon Mino is on sale individually at € 30, or in the Twin Mino version (two speakers) at € 50. For what concerns Oblio, however, it is a rather peculiar wireless charger. It has the form of a sort of "vase", in which to insert the smartphone to recharge it, but not only. In fact, during the recharge, Oblio sterilizes the smartphone thanks to ultraviolet rays. The form that completely hides the device is not a bug, but a feature: as the name suggests, the idea is to make the user detach from the digital world, preventing to see the display. Oblivion will be available from the second quarter of the year at a price of € 79.90. To get an idea of the products in question we leave you to the video and photos below.

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