NVIDIA is working on a desktop mode, perhaps ahead of a 2-in-1 tablet

Although NVIDIA Shield devices are officially "defunct" (meaning that officially no other models should arrive), NVIDIA continues to support them via software, so much so that an update came a few weeks ago. But something is cooking: maybe a new Shield device could pop up in a few months. The developers of XDA Developers have made a long analysis of the latest version of SHIELD Experience (7.2.3) that we will try to summarize. If you want to read it calmly, find it at this link or at source. In practice, references to a "desktop" version called NVIDIA Desktop Experience have been made within the code. This would allow 3 different types of UI: dynamic, tablet and desktop. Unfortunately there are no details of the differences between these modes, as to make it work you need a specific device, code-named "Mystique". And here we come to the second point: who is Mystique? Following the line of code names of NVIDIA (which often concerns superheroes), it should be a device with a 13.5 ″ 3.000 x 2.000 pixel LCD screen produced by Panasonic. Given that the diagonal is far too high for a tablet, Mystique could be a 2-in-1 convertible, which would make perfect sense when you consider the three UI modes proposed by the Desktop Experience. The processor should be a Tegra Xavier (released in 2018) with a TDP of 10 W (although it could reach up to 30W). Everything is very "far-fetched", but the references to Mystique are too many to ignore. What's coming "something more"? We hope to have new information in the coming months.

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