Meizu M8, the review (photos and videos)

Although Meizu is no longer on everyone's lips, there is no doubt that for a time the "M" family of Meizu was among the most popular for those seeking economic alternatives to classic brands. This is why this Meizu M8 is particularly interesting. Let's find out in the full review. 6.5 Packaging Meizu M8 is fairly plain. We have a 5V / 1.5A power supply and a USB / microUSB cable. We therefore find neither the earphones nor a free cover. 8.5 Construction and Ergonomics Meizu M8 is a compact and fairly light smartphone (with its 159 grams). It is made of metal and is very solid, a perfect alternative difficult to find in its price range. It holds up well and is not too slippery. The physical keys, all on the right side are achieved well and have good feedback to the click. Given the size, one-handed use is not impossible and the fingerprint reader on the back is not inconvenient to use. 8.0 Hardware The technical data sheet will not make you jump on the chair, but it does have some interesting ideas. Among these surely the combination of RAM and memory for data is the most interesting: we have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, which is very difficult to find under 200 €. The memory is then expandable if you choose to forgo the slot for the second nanoSIM. The processor is a Mediatek Helio P22 octa core 2 GHz and support connectivity is discreet. We have Wi-Fi n dual band, Bluetooth 5.0 and notification led (a bit small). Unfortunately the NFC chip is missing. The fingerprint reader on the back is quick and accurate. We also have support for unlocking with the face, although always in a "non-secure" version, ie 2D. CARD: Meizu M8 7.0 Camera Meizu M8 is equipped with a dual camera: 12 megapixel 2.2 / 2.2 and 5 megapixel / 1.9. The photos that can be made are discrete and until last year absolutely more than adequate in this range. Unfortunately the bar has risen very recently and so, as far as they are acceptable and quietly reusable in perfect lighting conditions, the same cannot be said in case of low light or too strong light. The HDR is activated manually and is discreet, but a little slow. There are no particular shooting features worthy of note, except that of blur. The images are adequate, but certainly not exciting, both in terms of detail and sharpness. The same is also true for videos in FullHD, which do not have a great sharpness and are a little flickering. 7.5 Display The screen of this Meizu M8 will not be that of a top of the range, but it was obviously impossible to expect the opposite. However, this is a decent HD + (720 x 1440 pixels) in LTPS IPS technology. It is not very bright and the resolution will not be very high, but considering its size (5.7 inches) it is absolutely acceptable. Among the settings we find the possibility of persevering the view by reducing the blue light, with the homonymous option. 6.5 Meizu M8 software is marketed with Android 8.1 updated with the October 2018 patches. Although this does not jeopardize its daily use, there is no doubt that it is rather strange not to find it updated to more up-to-date patches than over 5 months ago. Certainly not a good sign. Among the noteworthy features of this FlyMe 7 we find the security app, the protected area, the themes to download and the possibility of using navigation gestures, which however we did not find particularly comfortable and to which we preferred the classic keys of navigation in the lower part. The entire system is not the most fluid and this has certainly not helped to appreciate the "flow" of navigation. 7.5 Autonomy Good battery life of 3100 mAh. Probably also thanks to the not so brilliant performance of the processor which therefore tends to consume less than other competitors. It is extremely difficult not to arrive at the end of the day on a single charge. Unfortunately, fast charging is not supported. 7.5 Price The price of Meizu M8 has recently been lowered to € 179, a very attractive price, especially for those looking for a smartphone with certain minimum requirements. Photo

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