It is not your Galaxy Tab S5e that does not take Wi-Fi, it is you who hold it wrong (photo)

Remember iPhone 4 and its antennagate? Well, here it could be a very similar problem, but in this case we talk about a Samsung device, or Galaxy Tab S5e, recently arrived in Italy too. In practice, as reported by some users (you can see it at the end of the article), keeping the tablet in a certain way the Wi-Fi signal drops drastically (or completely), going to influence the user experience of the users. The cause? It is not certain, but there are those who assume it is due to the arrangement of the components: keeping the tablet horizontally with the hand in the lower left, it would cover an area where the Wi-Fi components are present. What does this mean? If the speculations were true, there is no software update that could solve the problem: the model must be updated physically (probably Samsung will already be working on a new revision). Of course, "it's only enough" not to keep the tablet in a certain way, but spending more than € 400 for a device "on the iPhone 4" is definitely not the best. Does your have the same problem? Let us know in the comments. View this post on Instagram Confirmed. Second S5e tablet same problem. As soon as my hand covers that corner the wifi drops out. Tablet has a major design flaw. @samsungmobile @samsungmobileusa @samsungus @sammobileofficial @techcrunch @bestbuy # galaxytabs5e @foxnews A post shared by David Waner (@davidwaner) on Apr 30, 2019 at 6:11 pm PDT

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