Is Motorola Razr foldable the dream of your pockets? For now, settle for the official background

After a long trail of rumors that accompanied us throughout 2019, Motorola decided to break the deadlines and make the dream of many nostalgics come true: the historian Razr lives again, in the form of a smartphone with a folding display.
On paper, this is the most convincing attempt among those proposed so far and many would look forward to getting their hands on it.
Although the list price (€ 1,599) is not so prohibitive compared to the average of today's top-of-the-line smartphones, there are still many questions about it, especially on resistance and autonomy, in light of the more than limping experience of Galaxy Fold and Mate X.
It will therefore be good to wait for the first field tests, but in the meantime you can already symbolically make the beautiful Motorola Razr, thanks to the official background.
A background characterized by bright colors, which will exalt the 6.2 ″ folding OLED display of the new Razr, but which is also perfect for your current smartphone, waiting to understand whether to yield to the fascination of this (for now) very successful nostalgia operation , or if to pass the hand, to this round.
Download it at full resolution from our gallery below.

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