In the midst of general astonishment, Google would have decided to drop tablets and laptops

According to a Business Insider report, Google would have reassigned some staff within the company, including dozens of engineers and technicians working on tablets and laptops, thus canceling future projects on the subject. We are not talking about layoffs, but of simply moving resources to other roles. The Pixelbooks and the various Pixel tablets (with Android or Chrome OS makes little difference) have never been a real success. High prices, occasionally accompanied by problems of a software nature, are devices that have never entered the market. Chrome OS has carved out its considerable share of users, especially in the educational sector and especially in the USA, but thanks to third-party producers, certainly not to Google, so that its exit from the scene should not change a comma to that effect. We underline however that, even admitting the complete truthfulness of this report, it is not said that there are no new Google laptop / tablet coming out, if these were already planned; in any case they should just be a swan song. If combined with the still phantom desktop mode of Android Q, not to mention the even more nebulous Fuchsia operating system, plans for Google's future in the world beyond smartphones are constantly changing.

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