Huawei Mate 9 never tires of updating itself: some new features for the interface and security patches (photos)

After a full 2 and a half years since its official launch, Huawei Mate 9 receives a new software update, which solves some Wi-Fi connectivity problems and introduces small changes for the interface. The update refers to the firmware version MHA-L29 (C432E7R1P8) and weighs about 500 MB (example screenshots shown in the gallery). Below is the complete changelog: Solving Wi-Fi connection problems. Optimization of the graphic interface in certain contexts. Performance and system stability improvements. Android security patch updated in April 2019. As you may have guessed from the gallery screenshots, the update described is being distributed via OTA to German users. We assume that in a short time it will also reach the Italian ones. Let us know if you received it.

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