Here are the first images of Galaxy View 2, the new mega-tablet from Samsung (photo)

It was in the air, we announced it last August, and it was confirmed in January of this year. The Galaxy View 2 now materializes in the first renderings, offered for the occasion by Sammobile, who was also the first to show us the past edition of the device (it is to be trusted, then). All entries are confirmed: the screen is actually smaller (from 18.4 "to 17.5") and the back stand, fundamental in a device like this, has changed from the previous version. As you can see from the images below, there is no longer the handle and the hinge is completely different. Doubts remain about the inclinations available, which for me have been a limitation of the old View. The version in question is branded AT&T, as reported by the site, but it is very likely that it may be the first step towards a global distribution, which at this point appears ever closer. No news on the price, another negative point of the previous version.

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