Hard times for Cortana: the app for iOS and Android will soon cease to exist in different markets

That Cortana – the voice assistant developed by Microsoft – has not been doing well for a long time, so much so that CEO Satya Nadella himself waved the white flag earlier this year, declaring that he no longer considered Cortana a real just rival of the much more established Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
The new acceleration, however, raises concerns among fans of the Redmond giant: the official Cortana app for iOS and Android will cease to exist from 31 January 2020.
In reality, the divestment of the app will initially affect only a few markets, namely the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Mexico, China, Spain, Canada and India, but it is by no means excluded that others will follow later.
Microsoft intends to integrate Cortana more deeply into the Office 365 app suite, relegating it to a purely subordinate role.
Even Microsoft Launcher – the Android launcher developed by the company – will be updated next January 31st to dispense with Cortana, which is currently an integral part of the user experience.
Presto Cortana will make her debut on Outlook, suggesting a future that is increasingly geared to the business sector, offering Assistant and Alexa in the consumer free field.

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