GRID on Stadia will boast an exclusive mode with 40 cars simultaneously on the track

The debut of Google Stadia is getting closer and the curiosity to understand if the new cloud gaming service will revolutionize the videogame industry is so much.
What is undeniable however is that Stadia is able to offer a high-level hardware platform for developers who want to try their hand, as GRID shows, one of the titles that will soon be available on Stadia.
During a recent interview, Mark Green – Development Director of GRID at Codemasters – has in fact revealed that GRID on Stadia will be able to boast a completely exclusive mode, which will consist of the simultaneous presence on the race tracks of as many as 40 cars.
According to Green, this would currently not be possible on any other gaming platform, demonstrating the enormous potential of Stadia.
Google has recently unveiled the lineup of titles that will be available on the day of the launch, next November 19th, including GRID, which will however be made available in December.
So the fans of racing games will soon have their bread on Stadia.

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