Google Duo v60: dark theme, deleting the history and … Stories? (photo)

The latest version of Google Duo, number 60, is preparing to launch features that are as useful as they are interesting.
Work is still ongoing, but we hope to see the final result soon.
Inside the code we find references to dark mode, an addition that is (slowly) coming up on all Google applications.
It will be possible to choose the theme directly from the settings, and it will be possible to set it as clear, dark or defined by the system.
Another feature that would seem obvious in a communications app is the ability to delete the conversation history.
Finally we will soon have the opportunity to do so by selecting individual contacts.
The developers are also working on a "Low Light mode" to "help in dark environments".
This is not a dark theme, but a mode that should help video transmission in poorly lit environments.
Finally, "Messages from Duo Team".
We don't know the details yet, but it could be a "Stories" mode like those of Instagram and Facebook.
There are not many references in the code, but the notification channel is active.

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