Google confirms with a video the entries on Project Soli and Face ID on Pixel 4 (photos and videos)

A couple of weeks ago, thanks to the analysis of the images on the front of the new Pixels 4, the first rumors started circulating about the possibility of seeing Project Soli on upcoming phones "made by Google", but doubts remained about the presence of the necessary sensors at face release.
Today BigG, with another surprise move, decided to dismantle all the hypotheses and all the chatter that surrounded these two features with an official video.
The video – which you can also admire here, at the end of the article – is quite short, but lasts long enough to confirm Face ID and Project Soli! For the occasion the new "no touch gestures" are renamed "Motion Sense" but Mountain View specifies that it will not be available in all the countries where the Pixels 4 will be marketed.
With an official blog post, Google gives further details: Motion Sense will allow you to skip audio tracks, turn off the alarm and mute all calls without ever touching your smartphone.
These first features will then be refined and enriched over time.
New details also for the facial unlocking function which is enhanced by the Project Soli / Motion Sense radar that recognizes the proximity of the face and activates the recognition module.
This will allow the recognition operation to take place much more quickly than in the past, but above all will guarantee the operation regardless of the orientation of the phone (even upside down they specify).
Moreover, a bit like it already happens with iOS, you can also use Face ID to authorize payments and authenticate yourself on the apps.
Finally, a note on Privacy: Google specifies that neither face recognition nor gesture information will ever be shared with anyone.
Indeed, all data will never leave the device and will remain stored within the Titan M dedicated processor, processed by the phone itself and without any sharing with other Mountain View services.
What do you think, do these new features attract you?

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