GeForce Now sharpens weapons: NVIDIA's move to counter Stadia and xCloud on all devices

For lovers and fans of the gaming world GeForce Now is not a new name: it is the NVIDIA gaming cloud platform, which has recently taken on the natural role of rival against Stadia and xCloud, the analogous services of Google and Microsoft.
NVIDIA has officially announced that GeForce Now will bring PC gaming to any type of device: the concept of relocating hardware resources from the device used is the same that led to the creation of Stadia and xCloud.
So NVIDIA also relies on backward compatibility and the extreme accessibility to the gaming world from any type of device available.
NVIDIA has estimated that its average beta user has around 50 games and has set itself the goal of making all titles purchased by its users accessible anytime, from any type of device, be it a MacBook or a smartphone.
Clearly you will not have to worry about updates and waiting times because those procedures will be placed on the company's servers.
The news has been announced but they are still orphans of accurate timing, we will come back to update you as soon as further news on the subject will emerge.

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