Galaxy S11 and beyond: we know all the colors and the display technology, which is in conflict with the past

The most anticipated devices from Samsung will arrive in early 2020 and will be called Galaxy S11.
Alongside them, maybe a few weeks before, the variants Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite could also arrive.
Ishan Agarwal has spoken about the colors expected for these Samsung smartphones, below we summarize what we can expect: Samsung Galaxy S11 will come in Blue, Gray and Black (maybe even others).
Samsung Galaxy S11e will come in Blue, Gray and Pink.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will come in Black, Blue and White.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite will come in Red, Silver (maybe Aura) and Black.
According to Agarwal, Samsung is also working on its new Galaxy Buds, identified by the model code SM-R175 and which should arrive in the colors Blue, Pink, Black and White.
They will probably be presented alongside the new Galaxy S11 range.
Moreover, thanks to what reported by LetsGoDigital we have new details regarding the display technology that could be integrated on the new Galaxy S11.
On 6 November, Samsung filed a new patent at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), where the protagonist is a new display technology called SAMOLED.
Hard not to think of Super AMOLED, a technology previously used by Samsung on its devices.
At the moment it is not clear what the innovations introduced by the new technology would be and above all it is not clear if Samsung intends to use it immediately, and if it intends to do so starting from Galaxy S11.
We will keep you updated on this aspect.

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