Facebook also thinks about your health: how the Preventive Health news works

Facebook has been more than a social platform for some time and is gradually being extended to different areas of our daily life.
The latest novelty presented in this regard concerns the health aspect of Facebook users and is called Preventive Health.
The novelty presented by Facebook aims to provide support to users in medical matters: in concrete terms it will act to facilitate the connection to the health authorities and allow the setting of reminders for the various medical checks to be supported.
Health information is a type of very sensitive personal data and therefore Facebook has promised that it will not be shared with any third-party body and that only a small team of people in Facebook will be able to access it in order to protect them.
The tool is clearly shared with friends and relatives, so that they can provide additional support.
Depending on the place of residence, the nearest health authorities will be shown by default.
The data collected in Preventive Health will also be used by Facebook to suggest the checks recommended by health organizations based on the age and sex of the user.
The data will be used anonymously also to optimize the instrument over time.
Of course, Facebook will not use this type of data to present advertisements.

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