Do you want to keep your photos away from prying eyes? Try 1Gallery and its encrypted albums (photos)

Our smartphone has now established itself as the true heart of our digital life.
From him all the most important information that concerns us passes through and with him we create useful contents for our working life, or to preserve them as memories.
Precisely because of the crucial role it plays in our daily lives, it is good to use it with all due caution, to avoid exposing ourselves to risks of cyber attacks or violation of our privacy.
Even just the photos we take via our smartphone, in some cases we don't want them to end up in the wrong hands, or be seen by unauthorized people.
How to sleep soundly? A curated, minimal and …
encrypted gallery app! If you are looking for an gallery app that, in addition to guaranteeing you all the traditional features you're used to, protects you from prying eyes or possible intruders, you could give 1Gallery a chance.
This is an app created by a well-known developer on the XDA forum, developed to combine different aspects that it is not common to find all together in apps of this genre: a pleasant and accurate graphics, features that make it complete and at the same time simple to use and a safe area, where you can keep photos and videos that we want to keep only for us 1Gallery presents itself immediately in all its minimalism: a screen with a white background, in which the photo and video albums contained in the memory of our device stand out, with precedence over the folder dedicated to camera shots.
In the upper part there are 4 icons, which allow us to switch from viewing by album to one that gives precedence to individual photos, videos, content marked as favorites and encrypted albums, as we will see in detail in a moment.
From the settings it is possible to switch to the dark theme, which reverses the colors of the screens, an option particularly appreciated by the owners of devices with OLED screens.
Selecting a specific image, it is possible to display it in detail, scrolling through the others contained in the same album through the canons of the side swipes.
There is no lack of commands to display information, to share it quickly, set it as a background, move it to the protected area, delete it or modify it, even using the integrated editor.
This editor is well done, with several functions: cutting the image (even with pre-set proportions), resizing it, rotating it, changing various parameters such as brightness, colors, etc.
and even apply filters, which curiously have the same names as those of the early days of Instagram (tear-drop for those who remember them).
But we come to what gives 1Gallery an edge over other similar apps: the protected area, also called a safe.
As mentioned above, you can quickly access it from the special icon on the home screen and, on first access, you will be asked to enter an email address to reset the password if you no longer remember it and to set the unlock method.
Once in the safe, you can create an album in which to move photos or videos that you only have access to, because they will no longer be visible among the standard albums, even using alternative gallery apps.
Free download with in-app purchases However, there is a limit to this privacy function: with the basic app – downloadable for free from the Google Play Store – you can only create one album and enter a limited number of photos and videos.
To remove this limit, you can subscribe to the paid plan, at a cost (currently in promotion) of € 2.39 for a year, or € 4.79 forever.
The Premium subscription also allows you to remove the advertising banners (however sporadic and discrete), have more functionality for the themes and support the developer's project, which promises further exclusive functions in the future.
For basic needs, however, the free version may suffice, which we recommend you try.

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