Do you also see a feature similar to Top Shot in Google Photos? Make no mistake too (photo)

The Top Shot feature has been exclusive to Pixel 3 since its presentation by Google. In the last hours it seems that some suggestions related to functionality are appearing for some users with smartphones other than Google Pixels 3. In particular we refer to the Motion Photos taken with the Google camera: opening the images with Google Photos will be proposed the series of shots taken within the Details section. In the gallery below we have reported some examples verified with Pixel 2 XL and Nokia 7 Plus. For some of these shots, suggestions are also given as to which is the best shot to save. Furthermore, the novelty was spotted both on Android Q and on Pie. However the suggestions would not be connected to an imminent arrival of Top Shot for devices other than Pixels 3, Google in person has communicated that the functionality will not arrive for Pixel 2 and probably for other smartphones. This is supported by the fact that the maximum resolution with which the shots can be saved from the proposed series is only 0.8 MP.

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