DJI Fly, the official Mavic Mini app, is finally available in the Play Store

During the review of the DJI Mavic Mini in many you asked where was the app to drive the drone, since on the Play Store there was no track, and here it is: DJI Fly.
Contrary to the other Mavic, the new Mini has in fact an app in its own right, which at the moment is only compatible with him, as the company clearly states in the description of the app itself.
Compared to the version we tested, there should now be no more parts not translated into Chinese, moreover video tutorials have been added to allow new users to quickly familiarize themselves with the small drone.
You'll also find a movie editor, with which you'll be able to cut portions of videos, adjust colors, change speed and add background music to the otherwise mavic Mini video sound.
As for the flight controls, they are exactly the same as shown in the review.
That is, it has no active track, waypoints, and the quick shots are only the 4 we have already shown you, nor is DJI currently planning to add these features.
The aim is to have a simple drone, for beginners, and who knows what will be the next DJI model to take advantage of this "simplified" app.

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