Customize the ONE UI of Samsung Galaxy? Now you can thanks to OneUI Tuner (photo)

ONE is the name that Samsung has chosen for the new interface presented during the update to Android Pie. Although it has been around for a few months, it has collected a good number of positive criticisms. However when it comes to the interface there is no concept of "one size", on the contrary, the more elements you can customize the better. One of the best-known senior members of the XDA team has just published an app that allows you to modify the UI of Samsung Galaxy with Android Pie to your liking. Following the lines of System UI Tuner – always created by Zacharee1 – OneUI Tuner allows you to play with various elements of the interface. The application exploits the engine of the themes of Samsung to bring back to life some options removed with the advent of ONE (as the presence of seconds in the timetable shown in the bar). The app does not need to root or execute ADB commands. However, at the moment the possibilities of personalization appear rather limited and it does not seem to work correctly on Galaxy S8 / S8 +, Note 8 and the S10 family. Hoping that the problems will be resolved soon and that new options are introduced, we leave you the link to the XDA Labs store where you can download OneUI Tuner for $ 1. Ah, if the root login request appears you can deny it without much trouble. The banner has been inserted for possible future functionalities that are not yet active. At this link, however, you can find the dedicated page on the XDA forum.

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