Amazon Prime gives content for mobile games via Twitch: let's start with PUBG Mobile!

Being an Amazon Prime customer brings a number of really bad benefits, including access to Twitch Prime.
And video game lovers will now have one more reason to be happy with their subscription to Prime: the e-commerce giant has in fact announced the launch of a promotional campaign, which will give content for mobile games to its customers, via Twitch.
These complimentary add-ons are not an absolute novelty, as gamers on PCs and consoles that have Amazon Prime subscriptions can already enjoy them for a long time.
The news, however, concerns the mobile titles and to open the dances it's up to the iOS and Android version of PlayerUnknown's Battleground, with a series of objects and cosmetic tools that will allow you to face battles with more style.
Here are the expected gifts: Drop 1, 20/09 / 19–03 / 10/19: Infiltrator Mask (permanent gift) Drop 2, 04/10 / 19–17 / 10/19: Infiltrator Jacket (permanent gift) Drop 3, 18/10 / 19–31 / 10/19: Infiltrator Shoes (permanent gift) Drop 4, 01/11 / 19–14 / 11/19: Infiltrator Pants (permanent gift) Drop 5, 15/11 / 19–28 / 11/19: Epic Level Gun, Blood Oath – Kar98 (available for 30 days) Drop 6, 29/11 / 19–12 / 12/19: Epic Level Black Magma Parachute (available for 30 days) Items can be redeemed directly within the game from all Amazon Prime customers.
In the future, other games will also be the subject of this promotional initiative, this is just a taste.

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