After over 2 years LG will launch a new tablet, but even for the SoC time seems to have stopped (updated)

It was summer 2017 when LG launched the G Pad IV series of tablets on the market, destined to go a little muted and above all to no longer have heirs.
At least until now, because new rumors ensure that the Korean manufacturer is about to revive its commitment in the Android tablet sector, with the new LG G Pad 5 10.1.
For the moment, the device is known by the code name LM-T600L, but the commercial name should be LG G Pad 5 10.1, which immediately betrays its fundamental characteristic: the 10.1 ″ full HD display in ratio 16 : 10 (a classic for Android tablets).
The rest of the specs talk about 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory and LTE connectivity, while the green robot version would be 9.0 Pie.
Bizzarra is the presumed choice of the SoC that will animate it: we talk about the Snapdragon 821, Qualcomm's top-of-the-line chip for the second half of 2016 (3 years ago!), Which curiously LG has used for the last time only a year ago, integrating it into the controversial G7 Fit.
At the moment there are no known indications about the possible exit period of this elusive LG G Pad 5 10.1, nor the price range in which it would be placed.
However, given the hardware platform so dated, we expect a competitive price, which would make it all the more attractive in a market that has less and less relevant news.
And would you consider it a tablet like that? Update 09/23/2019 LG is serious about its new tablet and has officially registered the LG G Pad 5 brand at USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).
The brand is registered in category 9, dedicated to «handy electronic devices; tablet computers; computer; electronic notepad », so there is very little doubt about the nature of the device it is going to launch.
The availability of the 10.1-inch LG G Pad 5 would be expected by the end of this 2019, so we may soon learn more.

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