3 Italia tries to convince its former customers to come back: unlimited minutes and 50 GB for € 7.99 a month

3 Italia has (re) launched a new winback promotional campaign, aimed at its former customers with the intention of convincing them to return.
The offer in question is called Play 50 Plus and is being proposed by SMS.
The proposed offer includes a monthly fee of € 7.99 and includes: Unlimited calls minutes to all national numbers.
50 GB of data traffic up to 4G speed.
We underline that the possibility of surfing at LTE network speed is granted to those who activate the LTE option, which has a cost of € 1 per month for activations occurring after April 1st.
The activation of the offer implies a one-off cost of € 6.99 and the purchase cost of the new SIM of € 10.
The possibility of accessing the described offer is reserved for former 3 Italia customers who will receive the related informative SMS.
The offer can be activated by 6 August at the authorized dealers of the operator.
We suggest you consult them for more information.

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